About us

Cypherdog is an innovative company operating in the IT and cyber security sectors. By providing the product to the market, the company has specialized in the effective protection of digital data. CypherDog Inc. is a response to global development trends in the field of cyber security and effective data transfer. We provide cryptographic protection of data transmission, for which we have developed a unique technological solution!

Management Team

Sebastian Krakowski


Serial entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the IT and cybersecurity industries with focus on the EU and U.S. markets. Successfully built and exited from MSNetwork Inc. (a company providing a private encrypted cloud solution). He holds MBA from Wroclaw University of Economics and Business.

Paweł Musiał


Certified IT security expert. Architect of IT infrastructure. Experienced manager with a documented history of work in the IT industry. Skilled in Scrum, requirements analysis, ITIL, Agile methodologies and project management. A strong specialist in business development with the MBA, CISSP and SSCP paths.

Przemysław Kucharzewski

VP of Sales

An expert with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry on the line of the seller – distributor – integrator / vendor / service provider – end customer, nominated and repeatedly awarded by the media of the information channel. He can build and motivate a team, manage teams, structures, organizations, training centers, sales channels, successfully introduced new IT solutions, products and services to the Polish market. Experience in working in stable organizations and startups as well as in the international environment.

Michał Jarski, Ph.D.

Vice President EMEA & Asia

Doctor of mathematics, leader and visionary with over 20 years of experience in creating and optimizing sales organization in the IT and cybersecurity industries at the national and international level. Considered to be specialized in the development of strategy and delivery of corporate vision. It transforms strategic plans into reality, directing companies to establish profitable enterprises. It develops and implements new programs and initiates successful processes to achieve maximum dynamics of revenue growth.
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