ISO 27001 compliance

ISO 27001 compliance

ISO/IEC 27001 is currently the most recognized international standard for information security management systems.

The standard helps organizations establish information security management policies and objectives and understand how to manage relevant aspects, implement necessary controls, and set clear goals to improve information security.

Implementing ISO 27001 allows an organization to manage its obligation to comply with applicable legal requirements, such as GDPR (in conjunction with ISO 27701), and to regularly check the status of compliance. It allows for continuous system improvement to ensure protection and eliminate vulnerabilities.

The standard takes a comprehensive approach to information security Assets requiring protection include digital information, paper documents, physical assets (computers and networks), as well as the knowledge of individual employees. Issues that need to be addressed range from employee competence development to technical safeguards against computer fraud.

ISO 27001 is designed to be compatible and harmonized with other known management system standards. It is therefore ideal for integration into existing management systems and processes.

How does Cypherdog support you in this area?

Encryption is one of the basic techniques and principles for implementing any policy to protect data and prevent data loss. Cypherdog enables the encryption of personal data, both: stored and transmitted. In its solutions, Cypherdog uses cryptographic methods based on asymmetric algorithms, thus guaranteeing the highest level of protection. It’s worth adding that there is no “trusted” third-party access. Cypherdog is a great technical tool for data loss prevention and protects your company against data leaks.