About us

We are the cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts who care about the highest quality of Cypherdog solution


Cypherdog ensures digital data protection through the use of asymmetric encryption. Innovative Cypherdog technology is our response to global development trends in the cybersecurity sector and data transfer.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone's data is protected by encryption that guarantees total privacy of communication and protection against unauthorized access.



Sebastian Krakowski


Serial entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the IT and cybersecurity industries with focus on the EU and U.S. markets. Successfully built and exited from MSNetwork Inc. (a company providing a private encrypted cloud solution). He holds MBA from Wroclaw University of Economics and Business.

Przemysław Kucharzewski

General Manager

An expert with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry on the line of the seller – distributor – integrator / vendor / service provider – end customer, nominated and repeatedly awarded by the media of the information channel. He can build and motivate a team, manage teams, structures, organizations, training centers, sales channels, successfully introduced new IT solutions, products and services to the Polish market. Experience in working in stable organizations and startups as well as in the international environment.

Paweł Musiał


Certified IT security expert. Architect of IT infrastructure. Experienced manager with a documented history of work in the IT industry. Skilled in Scrum, requirements analysis, ITIL, Agile methodologies and project management. A strong specialist in business development with the MBA, CISSP and SSCP paths.

Ela Kozera


Apart from founding ELMA Ventures, Ela has worked with numerous U.S.-based emerging growth companies, focusing on HR, marketing and operations. She also led an accelerator program for international founders in the heart of Silicon Valley. With the ability to think both at the micro and macro level, the knack for the management of complex programs, the aptitude for creating and nurturing meaningful business partnerships and extensive hands-on experience, Ela comes prepared to hit the ground running.

Executive Advisory Board

Lucian Lipinsky de Orlov

Lucian Lipinsky de Orlov is considered one of the leading cybersecurity experts in the financial security, media, and legal industries. He also serves as a cybersecurity educator at several universities and bar associations, and is recognized for his ability to build teams of exceptional performers. With three decades of experience and a wealth of skills, Lucian is able to help companies reduce costs and develop effective corporate strategies. He uses both technical and business coaching and mentoring to cultivate teams that perform at the highest level.

Michael Metcalf

Michael Metcalf is an award winning software developer and serial entrepreneur listed in the top 100 Technology Entrepreneurs & Silicon Valley in 2000.

Mr. Metcalf won 25 top industry awards and 5 product of the year awards for his patented technology which uses voice recognition and artificial intelligence to dial, text, answer and provide intelligent call routing solutions. Mr. Metcalf is an investor, fund manager and senior advisor to multiple technology start ups always looking to help the next generation of technology entrepreneurs unlock new solutions and achieve their business goals and dreams. Mr. Metcalf is helping Cypher.Dog to create award winning technology and make strategic introductions to telecom service providers and large corporations who understand the value of protecting confidential data via local encryption & decryption.

Ken Merbler

He has focused on process improvement and sales to major accounts during his 40 years consulting career. Ken’s objective is to elevate Cypherdog to the next level of success, just as he has done for numerous other companies in the past.

John Connolly

Noushin Boussina

An entrepreneur and investor in many companies – mainly in Silicon Valley, she has over 30 years of experience with multiple business sectors.

Mariusz Iwański

An entrepreneur and investor, he has over 25 years of experience with multiple sectors, mainly IT where he started his career.

Mariusz successfully sold his established in 2013 company, SimplicITy to a Japanese giant Ricoh. As a supplier of leading systems, he helps his clients in developing and implementing more effective IT solutions.

Robert Wojciechowski

Robert has 30 years of experience with multiple sectors and five with blockchain and cryptocurrency. He co-founded the Association for the Control of Press Distribution and Polish Reading Research.

Chairman of Blockchain and New Technologies Chamber of Commerce. As far as his company – OAAM Consulting Ltd – he is introducing the blockchain strategy into traditional businesses through tokenisation. He is a planner of tokenomy and big supporter of crowdfunding.