NIS & NIS2 compliance

What is NIS & NIS2?

The NIS Directive is the first law on cybersecurity passed by the European Parliament. Its creation was the result of increased network traffic and the very dynamic development of all kinds of online services and the digitization of virtually every business sector. The introduction of new rules unified the level of digital security across member countries. The NIS Directive gave members a relatively large degree of freedom to organize security "in r own backyard."

The NIS Directive regulates three areas (called pillars in its content) and is a very comprehensive document. In the remainder of this article, we will focus on presenting its main points:  

  • The establishment in each member country of institutions responsible for digital security is the so-called CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team).
  • Cooperation of member countries at the technical and strategic-political level. 
  • Regulates the obligation to respond to incidents, the obligation to implement security systems adequate to the risks in each sector, and much more. 

The NIS2 Directive is a revision of the existing NIS Directive in which:

  • will also include supply chain security in its regulations.
  • prompt member state institutions to be more diligent in imposing penalties on companies that fail to meet the obligations imposed by the directive 
  • underestimate the number of "critical" sectors of the economy in terms of cyber security. The introduction of the new classification and the addition of many new entities to the list is expected to improve EU security and CSIRT knowledge

How does Cypherdog support you in this area?

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