Cypherdog Encryption

1Does the recipient of an e-mail encrypted by Cypherdog Encryption have to have the Cypherdog application?
Without creating an account for the recipient of encrypted e-mails, it is impossible to encrypt messages, because there is no created pair of keys assigned to the recipient (public for encryption and private for decryption). So encrypting and decrypting the content and attachments of e-mails requires an application on the sender and recipient side.
2Do I need a paid license to use Cypherdog Encryption?
The Single User Cypherdog Encryption application works in the Trial version for 14 days with full functionality. After this period, if the user decides not to use the paid version, he can use it to decrypt the content and attachments of e-mails sent to him.
3What are the advantages of switching to Cypherdog Encryption Business?
The client application looks the same in the Single User and Business versions. The main difference in the Business version is that one company needs one license for many users and you have Admin Panel for managing users under one license (Administrator in the company can add, suspend or delete users), decide on allowed user domains, store private keys in Vault on company’s server and use Proxy Server for communication between client apps and Vault.
4How can I manage or cancel my subscription?
You can change the details of your subscription or cancel it at any time. You can also increase/decrease the number of users, and change the payment method or the billing address.
5Are all users in my organization covered with one license?
With Cypherdog Encryption Business you get access with one license to 25 and up users. There is no upper limitation. You should decide how many users you want to cover. If you want to cover a smaller team choose Single User licenses (every user should have a separate license).
6Does my organization need to buy a license for all employees/users?
No. You only need licenses for the number of users who will actively use Cypherdog Encryption. The implementation of the solution should be preceded by an analysis of the processes, data sent in them, and people involved in their processing. You can always increase or decrease the number of users when your needs evolve.
7I am using email in a browser or standalone application, which is not supported by Cypherdog Email Encryption. How can I encrypt or decrypt email messages?
You can use the “magic window” available from the menu of the application in the taskbar (Encrypt/Text), where you can type or paste any text, after entering the recipient's e-mail address click Encrypt. After that encrypted message is copied into the clipboard. You can paste it to an email window or any other communication medium. To decrypt the received encrypted message in case it is not a supported browser or e-mail application you should select a block with encrypted text and use the “magic window” available from the application menu in the taskbar (Decrypt/Text).
8How is it possible to send the same encrypted message or attachments to many recipients using asymmetric encryption?
For every encryption process, a random symmetric key is generated. This key is used for the encryption of messages and attachments. This key is encrypted using an asymmetric public key for every recipient and sender. All results of this process generate blocks of data in the header of the file of attachment (or message) The decryption process started by trying to decrypt header blocks using the asymmetric encryption and private key connected with the user which has the rights to decrypt a message or attachment. After that, the symmetric key is extracted and used for decrypting the main block of data (attachment or message).
9Why should I have a backup of my private key?
A private key is unique for every user and (in the Single User version) only the owner has access to it (in the Business version administrators of Admin Console). You can decrypt messages and attachments using this key.
• If you lose it (because of disk drive damage, stealing your notebook, deleting some files, ransomware attack, or any other reason) you cannot decrypt any data. That's why you should have a backup of your private key
• If you want to use CE or another computer you should back up the key on the first computer and restore it on the new one.
10 I would like to move CE from one computer to another. Do I need a new account for Cypherdog?
No, you can use your Cypherdog account on multiple devices First, you should back up your private key e.g on a pen drive. After that, you can install Cypherdog Encryption on the other computer. During the login process to the app you enter your e-mail address and password to the app and when Cypherdog cannot find your profile will ask about the path to your backup of the private key. After choosing a file with a private key your account will work on a new device.