Cypherdog Encryption Business
Command Line

Challenges Addressed

  • How can we secure confidential documents sent to multiple recipients?
  • Ensuring confidentiality in transmitted documents.
  • Preventing data leaks and unauthorized disclosure of personal and sensitive data.
  • Compliance with NIS-2 and DORA-2 regulations.

Confidential documents containing personal, financial, or sensitive data are typically sent as PDFs or password-protected ZIP archives. However, sending the password in plain text via email or SMS is a significant security risk. This method's limitations include the need for varied and often weak passwords for different recipients, making them susceptible to brute-force or dictionary attacks.

Target Audience

  • Financial institutions (banks, insurers)
  • Healthcare sector
  • Local government entities
  • Central administration
  • Property managers
  • Businesses

Documents to Encrypt

  • Confidential financial documents (bank statements, credit card transactions, insurance policies)
  • Contract updates
  • Fee tables
  • Medical diagnostic test results
  • Local and central tax amount letters
  • Fee schedules

Moving beyond inadequate PDFs or password-protected ZIP files in this era of escalating cyberattacks, Cypherdog offers a solution based on asymmetric encryption without third-party involvement.

Solution Features

  • Command-line access for encryption, decryption, and recipient account verification.
  • Automation capability for encrypting texts and files.
  • Script creation for mass encryption.
  • Compatibility with standard email servers and other communication mediums.
  • Initial document encryption includes an invitation for recipients to download the decryption application and a one-time password.
  • Scalable to meet varying needs.
  • Capabilities for machine-to-human and machine-to-machine encryption.
  • Monitoring of transmitted encrypted content at the gateway.
  • Real end-to-end encryption without third-party involvement.
  • Free application for recipients.
  • Possible applications for encrypting communications from Customer to Service Provider.
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