Cypherdog Encryption Architecture

The Cypherdog desktop application is compatible with all modern operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux


To simplify encryption and decryption of e-mails, you may opt to install the plugin for Gmail & Google Suite
for any of the three top browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) or add-ins for Outlook and Thunderbird.

Two modules of the solution


Cypherdog Encryption Application

an application installed in the operating system, available from the sidebar

Cypherdog Encryption Plugin

a plugin installed in a browser or
e-mail native client

The Cypherdog Encryption Plugin module is responsible for interacting with the user and managing the encryption and decryption of messages. The Cypherdog Encryption Application module, on the other hand, supervises the authorisation to your private key and performs cryptographic operations in a tangible sense.

Only processes authorized by the Cypherdog Encryption Application module can use your private key. This means that the browser and other approved methods will never have control over your private key. They will only be able to use it to encrypt and decrypt messages. The architecture of our solution ensures complete separation of customer's e-mail from your private key.

Cypherdog uses proven cryptographic algorithms, such as the 3072-bit RSA key and the SHA512 hash function. Furthermore, its system architecture is designed to be adaptable to the challenges of the future. This involves accommodating external suppliers in the user identity verification process, implementing the system within blockchain frameworks, and exploring hardware wallet solutions.



How we encrypt your data