CE Business 1.2.0
  • The Proxy service has been updated with a new version, including changes to the server configuration and service authentication method.
  • There is now a unified installer available for both Vault and Proxy services.
  • A new Command Line (CMD) Service application is now available, acting as the server for CMD Client Business. This application has two modes: VAULT and LOCAL.
  • A new CMD Client Business application has been developed, enabling encryption and decryption through communication with CMD Service.
  • A new version (1.2.0) of the CE BUSINESS software has been released.
  • Communication is now supported through a new native Outlook plugin (VSTO for Windows).
  • A new manual has been created specifically for the Business version.
CE SU 1.3.0
  • A new version (1.3.0) of the CE Single User provides communication support via the CMD Client. 
  • Communication support is also available through a new native Outlook plugin (VSTO) specifically designed for Windows.
  • A new CMD Client application, which acts as a plugin, has been introduced. This application enables encryption and decryption by interacting with CE SU. It is included in the installer and can be found in the application directory after installation (file cdog.exe).
  • There is a new native Outlook plugin (VSTO) available for Windows.
CE SU 1.2.1
  • Fixed logout error for incorrect key password
  • Fixed dialog box display error for file selection
  • Changed certificate installation method on Linux systems
  • Fixed account deletion view, which was incorrectly displayed on MacOS
CE Business 1.1.1
  • Added information on encryption time and sender in decrypted text window
  • Added ability to change application theme in settings
  • Fixed logout error for incorrect key password
  • Fixed minor bugs
CE Admin Panel v. 2.0.1
  • Fixed boot issue on Windows Server systems
  • Added option to resend activation email
  • Changed the appearance of file selection dialogs
CE SU v. 1.2.0
  • Changed the way certificates are installed on macOS
  • Added option to delete user account
  • Added information about the encryption time and the sender in the decrypted text window
  • Added the ability to change the application theme in the settings
  • Improved UI
CE Business v. 1.1.0
  • Added action for forgotten key passwords
  • Added verification of public keys received from the API
  • Restricted IP addresses that can connect to the application
  • Changed the layout of options in the tray menu
  • Changed the file/location selection window
CE SU v. 1.1.2
  • Restricted IP addresses that can connect to the application
  • Changed the layout of options in the tray menu
  • Changed the file/location selection window
  • Prevented enumeration of existing accounts in the database
    (server responses made non-deterministic)
  • Disabled support for weak cryptographic methods and outdated TLS versions
  • Implemented a firewall to monitor and secure network traffic
  • Limited the number of failed login attempts
  • Implemented missing security headers
27.04.23CE Single User 1.1.1
  • Added preloader on application startup
  • Fixed bug with loading the application theme
  • Fixed contact list loading bug (Magic Window)
  • Added a dark theme to the installer
  • Added app icon (visible in preview when app is minimized)
  • Added Windows friendly application names (notification title, task manager application name, application details)
  • Fixed bug with Windows registry entries when using Single User and Business versions at the same time
  • Prepared applications to work with the future version of the plugin
26.04.2023CE Business v. 1.0.4
  • Added preloader at application startup
  • Added possibility to log in many users to one application
  • Fixed bug with loading the application theme
  • Fixed bug with contact list loading (Magic Window)
  • Simplified application installation method
  • Changed the method of storing preferences
  • Adapted the application for Linux and macOS environments
26.04.2023CE Admin Panel v. 2.0.0
  • New, improved UI
  • Registration of Business users by administrators
  • The ability to register many users at the same time (by uploading a .txt or .csv file with a list of emails)
  • The ability to search and filter users in the list
  • Automatic validation of keys in Vault with an existing connection to the proxy service
  • The ability to change the language and theme of the application
  • The ability to modify Business accounts - only by the administrator (license change/account removal)
9.03.2023CE SU v.1.1.0
  • New versions of Chrome and Firefox plugins;
  • Release of Thunderbird plugin.
28.02.2023CE SU v.1.0.7
  • Improved installation process on Windows (added .net 6 to installation);
  • Fixed bug when installing on macOS (Ventura).
24.02.2023CE SU v.1.0.6
  • Added key regeneration option (backup keys view);
  • Fixed bug with loading backup for large invalid files;
  • Fixed field focus in key generation view;
  • Fixed bug causing “Unknown error” when encrypting via plugin.
9.02.2023CE SU v.1.0.5
  • email aliases (this feature allows using one account /one pair of keys/ to receive encrypted emails from different email addresses)
  • address book function in the application (app propmpts last 20 contacts)
  • file encryption and decryption through the context menu in Windows (right click)
  • file overwriting during decryption protection
  • decryption possible only for files with the .cdog extension
  • displaying the application version in the "About app"  window.
  • displaying whether the complexity requirements of the created login/key password are met
  • informing the user if the text/file cannot be encrypted for all specified recipients
  • language of the email message adequate to the language of the application
  • after activating the account, an e-mail with a link to download plugins is sent
  • minor bugs have been fixed
23.11.2022CE SU v.1.0.4
  • new certificate for Windows installer
  • displaying key-password dialog instead of the notification about the need to unlock the keys
  • changed wrong key password notification communicate
  • showing extensions of original files after encryption
  • remembering the path in encryption / decryption file windows
  • changed links to "Terms-of-use" and "privacy policy"
  • improved system of logging in and remembering the user
  • "run after installation" option fixed
  • added option in installator to start the application at system startup (only for MacOS)
15.10.2022CE v.1.0.2
  • repair of minor bugs
  • modification of views added text encryption / decryption option
  • change of graphics inside app
  • Installer with changed graphics optional deletion of local user data (private key, etc.) when uninstalling the application