CE SU v.1.1.0
  • New versions of Chrome and Firefox plugins;
  • Release of Thunderbird plugin.
 CE SU v.1.0.7
  • Improved installation process on Windows (added .net 6 to installation);
  • Fixed bug when installing on macOS (Ventura).
 CE SU v.1.0.6
  • Added key regeneration option (backup keys view);
  • Fixed bug with loading backup for large invalid files;
  • Fixed field focus in key generation view;
  • Fixed bug causing “Unknown error” when encrypting via plugin.
 CE SU v.1.0.5
  • email aliases (this feature allows using one account /one pair of keys/ to receive encrypted emails from different email addresses)
  • address book function in the application (app propmpts last 20 contacts)
  • file encryption and decryption through the context menu in Windows (right click)
  • file overwriting during decryption protection
  • decryption possible only for files with the .cdog extension
  • displaying the application version in the "About app"  window.
  • displaying whether the complexity requirements of the created login/key password are met
  • informing the user if the text/file cannot be encrypted for all specified recipients
  • language of the email message adequate to the language of the application
  • after activating the account, an e-mail with a link to download plugins is sent
  • minor bugs have been fixed
 CE SU v.1.0.4
  • new certificate for Windows installer
  • displaying key-password dialog instead of the notification about the need to unlock the keys
  • changed wrong key password notification communicate
  • showing extensions of original files after encryption
  • remembering the path in encryption / decryption file windows
  • changed links to "Terms-of-use" and "privacy policy"
  • improved system of logging in and remembering the user
  • "run after installation" option fixed
  • added option in installator to start the application at system startup (only for MacOS)
 CE v.1.0.2
  • repair of minor bugs
  • modification of views added text encryption / decryption option
  • change of graphics inside app
  • Installer with changed graphics optional deletion of local user data (private key, etc.) when uninstalling the application