• Option to receive an email confirmation about a sent file
  • Option to send details about the file and the sender in an email to the
    recipient of the file
  • Confirmation of removing the contact
  • Confirmation of removing the file from the cloud / safe
  • Changes to file sharing view
  • Fixed minor bugs in the cloud view (wrong modification date when
    uploading a file; duplicating files on the list when uploading the same
    file multiple times)
  • Message in the chat view about the validity of messages (24h) and files
  • Chinese and Dutch translations added


  • Message in the chat view about the validity of the message (24h)
  • The option to delete the account has been added
  • The option of inviting to use the application has been added
  • Chinese and Dutch translations added
  • Multi-device
  • Preloader view changed
  • Contact positioning has been improved when receiving a new message (contact appears at the top of the list),
  • fixes related to visual notification of new message, window titles, duplication of contacts
  • New methods have been introduced to stabilize the chat tunnel in RAM for a specified period of time
  • Permission request error due to faulty library function has been fixed (problem with some versions of macOS operating systems)
  • The application loading process in Windows has been improved
  • An extended application certificate for Windows is included
  • Account activation mechanism has been improved
  • Enabled sending user invitations for any number of devices (including mobile)
  • Local encryption in the "local safe"
  • Drag & drop
  • Windows and Apple certificates
  • Several cosmetic UX improvements
  • Beta version