DORA compliance

What is the DORA?

DORA, or Digital Operational Resilience Act, loosely translated means Digital Operational Resilience Act. Its provisions are directed primarily at financial entities. 

The purpose of the proposed regulation is to strengthen and enhance the stability and resilience of the EU financial system by establishing harmonized regulatory and supervisory standards. DORA is intended to be a detailed and comprehensive set of rules on operational digital resilience, coordinating the national initiatives that have already managed to emerge in the member states. With the proposed regulation, the Parliament wants to seek to eliminate inconsistencies and prevent duplication of requirements and the creation of high administrative costs as a result of the cross-border application. In addition, the regulation is intended to prevent market fragmentation and weaken the integrity of the EU financial sector and thus, strengthen and improve ICT risk management.

How does Cypherdog support you in this area?

Encryption is one of the basic techniques and principles for implementing any policy to protect data and prevent data loss. Cypherdog enables the encryption of personal data, both: stored and transmitted. In its solutions, Cypherdog uses cryptographic methods based on asymmetric algorithms, thus guaranteeing the highest level of protection. It’s worth adding that there is no “trusted” third-party access. Cypherdog is a great technical tool for data loss prevention and protects your company against data leaks.