Look, what we’ve got for you! We guarantee 100% privacy and absolutely safety solution without access third party.

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  • For more than 100 licenses
  • For business use
  • Local file encryption
  • 5GB cloud storage
  • Data access policy
  • Secure server infrastructure
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 24/7 support
  • Integration and development support
  • Full training for end-users and admins
  • Patented identity verification


How often will I be charged?

You can choose to be billed on a monthly or an annual basis. If you choose an annual plan, you can benefit from a lower monthly price. Please contact us to learn more about the discounts.

Can I get a free trial?

You can explore Cypherdog and try all features for 7 days.

The price is including VAT? Can I get invoice?

Yes, all prices are VAT included. If you need invoice, please contact us.

How it works?

Two remote users only on the basis of their email address (username) have the ability to exchange files and confirm their identity in a secure manner. The file encryption process will take place on the sender’s computer side, then the file will be sent to the client/customer via e-mail, cloud or other channel independent of the system. The client/customer will be able to decrypt the file only on his personal computer. The system will consist of, among others from a web part that stores public keys of users, a mobile appli

Will I have 2 identities (mobile and desktop)?

No. You can merge both identities. Simply generate QR code on your desktop computer and scan it with your mobile.

How to merge 2 identities (mobile and desktop)

You can merge your identities. Simply generate QR code on your desktop computer and scan it with your mobile.

Can I have the data backup?

The system user will have a cloud disk with a capacity of 100 GB to store encrypted and unencrypted files. The FX application will allow you to synchronize files to and from the cloud. Using the cloud will be charged.

Who is it for?

Cypherdog is applicable to large and small businesses and even individual consumers, but is particularly important in the following sectors: law, finance, medical, industry and R&D.

Can another person (without CypherDog account) decrypt a file?

Yes. File decryption is possible by anybody who’s using free version of Cypherdog.

Can I set my own names on the device list?

Yes. You can set and change the name of each device listed on your device list.

Will I have the same contact list on each device?

Yes. The contact list is synchronized between your devices.

Is my contact list secure?

Your contact list is encrypted so nobody (even Cypherdog) can read it.

How confirm identity without 3rd party?

After added you contact to contact list by personal meeting in mobile app. For see how it work click here.

What is different between Premium and Enterprise account?

Premium account have NO access from internal data administrator and no-one else. It mean if you are sole proprietor or independent partner in business (e.g. small Law Firm) ONLY you have access to your account. In Enterprise version internal data administrator have got access to your account in case e.g.: sudden death.

If I lost unique password, can you restore it?

No, unique password is stored in your head. We as a Cypherdog do not store unique password our customer. So, if you forget you never get access to that file and we cannot help you. That’s why we are sooo safe and unique.

How can I pay for my plan?

We accept most forms of payment — PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover Network. If you would like to pay with a different payment method, contact us.

Is the chat history stored on my mobile?

The chat history is deleted and you choose when: after a certain time, after closing, the session, after the screen has been turned off.

Is the chat encrypted?

Yes it is. Users using the mobile applications and FX Applications will be able to exchange messages (chat) in a safe way. Track after sent message disappears. It’s untraceable.

Why should I trust you with my data?

Cypherdog is a highly advanced intelligent solution for privacy:

– the third party (we) does not have access to data, memory and keys,

– the software does not use hard drives for messages,

– end-to-end encryption with physical identity confirmation.

Where is my private key stored?

Your private key is stored on your computer/mobile. Only there. 

I deleted one of my devices and now the device list has got just one item?

For security reason if you delete on of your registered devices all the others (except the oldest one) will be automatically deleted.

Is there a limit to a file size that I can send?

There’s not file size limit.

Does the Cypherdog have the access to my encrypted files?

No. Cypherdog doesn’t have access to your encrypted files.

I can’t see my chat history?

The chat history is deleted and you choose when: after a certain time, after closing, the session, after the screen has been turned off.

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