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Why Cypherdog?


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Send e-mail securely

E-mail is one of the most popular electronic communication channels. Secure it with asymmetric end-to-end encryption and absolute protection of private keys. With only one click, Cypherdog guarantees complete safety.

Our software is easy to use while maintaining the highest message security level.


Encrypt files locally on your device

Do you need an application that allows you to encrypt files locally on your desktop?

Cypherdog ensures that the private key protecting all communication in the system is ONLY on your hard drive or on your organization's server (Business Version).


Use chat with encrypted communication

Cypherdog knows how to meet the requirements of today’s users.

Cypherdog guarantees: encrypted communication, total anonymity of contacts and conversations, end-to-end encryption, no data records on our servers' hard drives, zero collection of any metadata, and complete deletion of all encrypted content after 24 hours. Try it and see for yourself.


Manage your files in an encrypted cloud

Are you looking for a safe place to store documents, contracts, and reports that no one has access to?

Manage files in the encrypted, entirely safe, Cypherdog cloud. We guarantee that only you have access to it.


Send files securely

Your files will be completely safe. Send them in all formats, and Cypherdog will take care of asymmetric end-to-end encryption, no trusted third party, and confirmation of contacts' identity.


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Cypherdog provides


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What are the advantages of Cypherdog?


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Everything in our ecosystem will be transacted in $CDOG

Learn more about Token

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Everything in our ecosystem will be transacted in $CDOG

Learn more about Token



Check which media wrote about our company and project!




Check which media wrote about our company and project!


Find out more about our company

What our clients say

  • The protection of our customers' data, including the personal data of our employees, is a very important measure that ensures our credibility and trust. For this reason, we decided to use Cypherdog - a tool for ultra-secure transfer and storage of confidential data. The use of data encryption tools is also a manifestation of the EIC / ISO 27001 information security management standard in securing key processes in an organization - and Motivizer has recently been certified to this standard.
    Paweł Filutowski
    CEO, Motivizer
  • As part of our business activities, we process confidential information on behalf of our clients. This requires the highest standards of confidentiality of transferred data and information, which is why we decided to use a solution that ensures ultra-secure transfer and storage. In addition, only the parties involved will have access to it.
    Jakub Pomorski
    MBA Business Development Director, Koksztys
  • Personal data of job applicants, recruitment documents and salary information require a special set of actions due to meeting the requirements of the GDPR, preventing third parties from using the intellectual property without permission or stealing new-generation ransomware data, which is often disclosed to the public in the event of non-payment ransom. The most important activities of our company focus on protecting the brand, reputation and trust of our clients.
    Katarzyna Zybała
    CEO, KZ Inspire
  • Cypherdog is a very interesting solution that on the one hand can serve as an encrypted communicator inside the company and on the other to securely store and send valuable documents from the entrepreneur's point of view. Due to the combination of a high level of security and ease of configuration and use, it is simultaneously used in the micro and SME sector without dedicated IT departments as well as in large organizations with a global IT support.
    Maks Kisyk
    CEO, BF Group
  • Cypherdog is a solution ensuring the security of messaging and transfered files. It's a perfect compromise between technological advancement and ease of administration and operation through use. As a consequence, it's a great tool for companies looking for secure communication channels, which at the same time don't want to incur high costs of implementation or IT maintenance.
    Radosław Sroczyński
    Co-Founder, SafetyHeads
  • Cypherdog is one of the most secure solutions for communication, encrypted file transfer and cloud storage that I could read. In my opinion, the most important features are absolute private key protection, zero-knowledge security method and no "third party". In my opinion, it is an ideal solution for those who want to maintain the highest confidentiality of communication and have a manageable tool for confidential communication
    Artur Markiewicz
    Cybersecurity Consultant
  • We use Cypherdog to send relevant documents related to our investments, which should not fall into the wrong hands. It is the safest file transfer tool we know on the market.
    Jacek Kotra
    Director, Science and Technology Park "Technopark Gliwice"
  • A great solution for companies in the SMB sector, because it requires very little IT facilities and provides benefits in areas that non-technical people can understand. I am not saying that this is the best solution / ... /, but it is very good from the point of view of implementation and ease of use by the end user.
    Alex Sawsienowicz
    User Experience in Venafi, USA

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