What Makes Cypherdog Stand Out?

4 Things to Know About Cypherdog and $CDOG

In addition to learning about Cypherdog’s mission, vision, and goals, you may also be interested in knowing more about what Cypherdog is doing and how to use its solution.

1. What makes Cypherdog stand out?

Are you looking for security and privacy of your data while chatting or sharing your files?
Cypherdog offers the highest level of security for file transfer, cloud storage, and messaging.
With Cypherdog, you send, manage, and store files securely in all formats and sizes.

It guarantees end-to-end encryption and zero knowledge security.
No third party can access your files.
You have an absolute protection of the private key.
You have access to a private encrypted cloud.
There is no administrator access to data.

The highest level of security for file transfer, cloud storage, and messaging

We offer our solution for business and private use. By choosing Cypherdog, your conversation can not to be accessed by anyone, except the participants. It is the right solution for you if you want to be assured of the highest level of confidentiality and anonymity.

2. How to use Cypherdog?

The Cypherdog’s team understands business and customers’ needs. Because we always care about customers, we embraced simplicity in designing our solution, so it is easy to navigate and visually appealing. What’s more, quality of our product, attention to detail and our top-class technical support are the features that make us stand out in the market.

From our recent product updates:

Check out the new version of Cypherdog for enterprise! We have implemented an automized installation process which is easy to follow and requires minimal programming knowledge or experience.

You can check it out by downloading our Cypherdog app or write to us if you need to learn more about our solution.
From now on, you can communicate and send your data securely.

3. What is Cypherdog’s mission and vision?

We believe blockchain is the most important invention of our time, perhaps equal only to the worldwide web. And just like the Internet, blockchain holds great promise to give humanity new means of making the world a better and safer place against cyberattacks and data leaks. Our next-generation technology highlights the importance of cybersecurity engaging businesses and individuals in never-before-seen ways. With the use of the Cypherdog utility token, we aim to accelerate the adoption of crypto in our business.

Cypherdog’s mission is to make the world a safer place against cyberattacks and data leaks

We are convinced that cryptocurrencies empower all of us to create an independent and more equitable ecosystem and to build new opportunities. The Cypherdog token, $CDOG, is one of such opportunities.

4. What are Cypherdog’s goals?

The Cypherdog has many big goals. Cypherdog’s team believes that our solution is for everyone who cares about privacy and security. One of our goals is to move this future forward by finding new and engaging ways to accelerate mass adoption and bring non-crypto people on board.

Our long-term goals are to promote innovation in the field of cybersecurity and to create the biggest network of people across the world who put their privacy first as their imperative standard.

The Cypherdog launch phase has been divided into two parts.

In part one, Cypherdog, as the most secure encryption software developed to date, went to the market in 2021. Our project was initially backed in 2018 by Cypherdog’s Founder, Sebastian Krakowski, and subsequently supported by ATG and JR Holding with $1 million in funding.

As of today, Cypherdog has:

  • developed a fully working commercial version on desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and mobile (both Android and iOS)
  • partnered with the biggest distributors and over 50 partners in Europe and North America

In part two, Cypherdog intends to:

  • build blockchain for keeping public keys
  • build credibility ranking in blockchain
  • build voice messages
  • build voice communication
  • secure strategic partnerships in cybersecurity space

Cypherdog token — $CDOG — on the Polygon network

Cypherdog token, $CDOG, was already deployed on the Polygon chain. With the first round of private pre-sale almost completed, we have distributed 10% of $CDOG token among our early supporters.

With Cypherdog, caring about your digital privacy and security is easy.

Be the change and join our Cypherdog community!

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