Cypherdog Token Press Release

Cypherdog Token Within Reach

On January 25, 2022, Cypherdog Security Inc. launches Cypherdog token. We have built the Cypherdog token on the Polygon network to ensure that our project is scalable and that supporters of every size can participate.

Why Cypherdog?

Cypherdog offers the asymmetric encryption-based technology for secure file transfer, cloud storage, and messaging. Cypherdog is the first solution with no third-party access to data and absolute protection of the private key.

Cypherdog’s technology highlights the importance of emerging global trends in the cybersecurity and effective data transfer sectors. It connects everyone who cares about privacy and security.
Do you want to have control over the online trace that you leave behind?
With Cypherdog, no one is under unwanted surveillance.

Secure messaging and file transfer are the core of the Cypherdog solution – a bridge between the reality and the digital realm – where nobody, except the participants of the communication, knows who the users are and what the content of their conversations is.

Make the world a safer place

Cypherdog’s mission is to make the world a safer place against cyberattacks and data leaks.

Going beyond security – at Cypherdog, we understand business and our customers’ needs. While designing our solution, we always care about customers using our product. But security is just the beginning for us. We always go much further. Attention to detail, quality of our product, and top-class technical support are the features that make us stand out in the market. The Cypherdog solution will replace traditional forms of electronic communication because only privacy guarantees “peace of mind” in the digital reality.

The first step to privacy revolution

Behind the Cypherdog’s vision stands its founder and CEO, Sebastian Krakowski, who confidently states that Cypherdog is the first step to privacy revolution. Cypherdog offers its users the freedom to use their data without any third-party access. Cypherdog’s approach and unique technology, continues Sebastian, make us the leader in safe data transfer and communication.

Since 2021, the Cypherdog brand has been recognized globally. Cypherdog has experienced an exponential growth of its sales channels thanks to distribution agreements with Multipoint – active in Middle East, Balkans and Mediterranean, as well as TDS – operating in Australia, New Zealand, and APAC. Cypherdog has also partnered with CloudBlue (via its GTM Fast-Track program) and with Ingram Micro.

Cypherdog was recognized by Business Centre Club as the Ambassador of Polish Market. It was nominated by CRN in two major categories while winning an award for Polish Product / Service. Recently, Cypherdog received nomination for the MADE IN POLAND 2022 award in the program run by the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship and the editorial staff of the Forum of Entrepreneurship and Business Plus.

Next gen real utility Cypherdog token

In the first round of private presale, 10% of the total number of 10 billion Cypherdog tokens will be released. Because Cypherdog is a proprietary deflationary token built for maximum efficiency and utility, the total supply will diminish over time. We believe in inclusion, decentralization, and making this project an integral part of the Ethereum ecosystem.
In the private presale, we are partnering with strategic high-net-worth individuals bringing to the table a skillset and network benefitting our project. Such presale will be followed by a public presale in Q3 2022.

Initially, all interested supporters will be able to purchase Cypherdog token via Bitmart. During the next stage, a built-in secure CypherWallet App will allow a direct purchase of Cypherdog tokens.

Our long-term goals are to promote innovation in the field of cybersecurity and to create the biggest network of people across the world who put their privacy first as their imperative standard.

With Cypherdog, caring about your digital privacy and security is easy.
Be the change and join our Cypherdog community!

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