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Cypherdog TOKEN is a deflationary token with a 5-10% fee on each transaction.

Smart Staking

5% of each transaction is redistributed to all Cypherdog TOKEN


0-5% of each transaction is forever burned ensuring an ever decreasing supply of Cypherdog TOKEN.


Only Cypherdog TOKEN can by used to transact in our ecosystem for real world utility.

Cypherdog is Game Changer!
It is for everyone!

  • Q1 2023

    Cypherdog development (Tier 3 - digital signature with cooperation with financial institutions),
    Further CEX listings,
    Cybersecurity meetups, conferences & expositions,
    Expanding global presence & awareness,
    Publish 2023 roadmap,
    Publish 5-year plan to scale to 100M users
  • Q4 2022

    Cypherdog development (Tier 2 - audio and video in Cypherdog app, ISO 27001, ISO/IEC 15408(1-3) Common Criteria 3.1 rev. 5 ),
    Further CEX listings,
    Cypherdog Token and payment provider partnership,
    Cybersecurity meetups, conferences & expositions,
    Team expansion,
    Expanding global presence & awareness,
    Adding multi-language support,
    Strategic cybersecurity & crypto partnerships,
    Join prestigious global business organizations
  • Q3 2022

    Public Listing on Bitmart,
    Cypherdog Token added to major rating websites,
    Cypherdog development (Tier 1 - public keys in blockchain and ranking credibility in blockchain, crypto-password wallet),
    Panel for partners (distributors and resellers) for ordering and managing Cypherdog's licenses,
    Cypherdog desktop app in native language for Windows, MacOS, Linux,
    Team expansion,
    Sponsorship of cybersecurity & crypto events,
    Onboarding strategic investors,
    Growing international communities,
    Cypherdog token mobile app v2,
    Implementation of fiat to Cypherdog Token onramp solution,
    Expanding global presence & awareness
  • Q2 2022

    Certik Audit,
    Post-launch marketing campaigns,
    CypherWallet Android app release,
    CypherWallet iOS app release,
    Cypherdog Messenger iOS app release,
    Growing strategic partnerships,
    Growing international communities,
    Awareness marketing & PR campaigns,
  • Q1 2022

    Creating proprietary smart contract architecture,
    Private pre-sale,
    Pre-launch marketing campaigns,
    Initial talks with high-profile supporters,
    Team expansion,
    Awareness marketing & PR campaigns
  • To Date

    $1M in investment,
    Incorporation of a Delaware corporation,
    R&D confirming the feasibility of the project,
    Beta testing in commercial environment,
    Business model validation,
    Product commercialization,
    Core team expansion,
    Awareness marketing & PR campaigns,
    Establishing a multi-year plan & vision,
    Premium brand creation,
    US Patent Application No. 62/811.365
    „Method for file decryption and sender identity verification in offline mode without use of certification authority”,
    US Patent Application No. 62 / 948.624 „Method for encrypting message content and message metadata”,
    U.S. Trademark Serial No. 88 / 655.745



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