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Cypherdog Enterprise Administrator Console

The application is downloaded from the Cypherdog website, not from the Microsoft Store platforms, hence a warning about the origin of the application may appear for some operating system configurations.

Tip during installation:

Windows Defender blocks some features of Cypherdog by default because it uses network sockets, and this type of network traffic is blocked by default in Windows. When the warning generated by the Windows firewall is displayed, please allow access by selecting the appropriate network type (if you do not know which type of network you should choose both items).

Installation instruction:

Manual Vault-Proxy (English version)

Manual Enterprise (English version)

Manual Enterprise (Polish version)

A script that automates the installation and launch of the proxy service and HashiCorp Vault on Ubuntu Server

Cypherdog Enterprise - proxy and vault installation (PDF)
Cypherdog Enterprise - instalacja proxy i valut (PDF)
Manual for self-implementation and launch of the proxy service and HashiCorp Vault

Buy Cypherdog Enterprise (monthly license)
Buy Cypherdog Enterprise (one-year license)

Cypherdog Enterprise

Vault - backup and restore keys

Cypherdog Enterprise

Vault - tworzenie kopii zapasowej oraz przywracanie kluczy