Why Data Protection in your Consulting Company is Failing?

Why Data Protection in your Consulting Company is Failing?

Ever wondered what would happen if documents were sent to Your client – audit results, documents of recommended employees, developed sales strategies, projects of marketing activities or architectural designs? – fell into the wrong hands?

What would happen if the content of the Client’s trade agreements was disclosed?
How a cybercriminal could use obtained data to discredit your customers’ trust in your company?

How do you ship your documents? Probably by e-mail. And your customers often use mailboxes on free portals or use improperly configured e-mail.

Leakage of confidential documents means loss of your clients’ trust, a losing yous business’ good name that you have built over the years.

Would you have to close the business and to move to another city?

The theft of your clients’ financial documents, leaked marketing strategy mean a real loss. Worst of all, you may not even know that someone had access to these documents. Demanding a ransom after data theft could really hurt.

These are the facts

Michigan State University in January 2021 said the ransomware attack on Bricker & Eckler LLP, a law firm associated with the Title IX contractor, INCompliance Consulting, involved mostly case information and affected just under 350 people.

The technology consulting firm Aditi Consulting announced a data breach stemming from what the company referred to as a “security event.” Details about the breach are still forthcoming; however, Aditi Consulting confirmed that the breach followed a “sophisticated cyber-attack.” As a result of this data breach, the names and Social Security numbers of more than 5,000 current and former employees and consultants were compromised.

31% of businesses around the world require their data to be stored and encrypted This includes 100% of companies providing professional services which includes consulting firms like yours.

Cyber threats affect everyone

You don’t have important data? You most certainly do! The data you have is worth as much as business and billable hours of your clients.

Hackers are only attack big companies? Those are the stories you can read about in the media. But not many people are interested in data leaks and other cybersecurity incidents that happen in smaller law firms every single day. They are not spectacular, and if they are, everyone tries not to inform the media.

By using Cypherdog you can be sure that the data that is being transferred between your company and the client is 100% safe. Asymmetric encryption means that only your client has access to secured data that is sent from you.

Because encryption is not just about what the methods you use are, but who has access to the keys. It is not hard to have armoured doors with professional locks, and keep the keys under the wiper or leave them.

If you decide to try our offer, we will indicate exactly what processes in your law firm need protection. We will indicate the consequences of a data leak. We will show you how to use our solution.

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