Do you think that Data Protection in your Law Firm is sufficient?

Do you think that Data Protection in your Law Firm is sufficient?

We are here to tell you you are most likely wrong!

Ever wondered what would happen if your documents were sent to one of your clients – whether they are draft commercial contracts, documents of council resolutions, supervisory board, scans of documents constituting evidence in the case or letters or lawsuits – fell into the wrong hands?

What would happen if the content of the contract fell into the hands of a competitor? If the content of the resolutions of your client’s supervisory board was disclosed?

How a cybercriminal could use obtained data for discrediting your clients’ trust?

How do you ship your documents? Probably by e-mail. And your customers often Tend to use mailboxes on free portals or use improperly configured e-mail.

Leakage of confidential documents means losing your clients’ trust, losing the good name of your Law Firm, that you have built over the years, departure of clients.

Would you have to close the business and move to another city?

Stolen pleadings or scans of evidence can mean lost lawsuits for your clients. Worst of all, even you may not know, that someone had access to these documents.

These are the facts

A law firm used by A-list stars including Rod Stewart, Lil Nas X and Robert De Niro has been hacked. The website for Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks was down and hackers claimed to have 756 gigabytes of data, including contracts and personal emails. Hackers would like to receive a few M$ ransom.

31% of businesses around the world require their data to be stored and encrypted This includes 100% of companies providing professional services, like lawyers

Cyber threats affect everyone

You don’t have important data? You most certainly do! The data you have is worth as much as business and billable hours of your clients.

Hackers are only attack big companies? Those are the stories you can read about in the media. But not many people are interested in data leaks and other cybersecurity incidents that happen in smaller law firms every single day. They are not spectacular, and if they are, everyone tries not to inform the media.

By using Cypherdog you can be sure that the data that is being transferred between a law firm and the client is 100% safe. Asymmetric encryption means that only your client has access to secured data that is sent from you.

Because encryption is not just about what the methods you use are, but who has access to the keys. It is not hard to have armoured doors with professional locks, and keep the keys under the wiper or leave them.

If you decide to try our offer, we will indicate exactly what processes in your law firm need protection. We will indicate the consequences of a data leak. We will show you how to use our solution.

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