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How it works

One click. Complete protection. Cypherdog E-mail Encryption allows you to encrypt and decrypt any text or file and send them using any media, including e-mails supported by our Chrome and Edge plugins for Gmail and Outlook add-ins.

You can send and receive encrypted files and messages using any web client or native e-mail client or Slack, WeTransfer, Google Drive, or any other communication method. You are always assured that only the authorized recipient will have access to the decrypted content.

Threats in cyberspace

E-mail is one of the most popular electronic communication channels. Like most digital services, it is vulnerable to cyberattacks, which may result in unwanted access to your mailbox and disclosure of confidential information. In the event of unauthorized use of the compromised e-mail box, message recipients cannot confirm the sender's identity. 

Cypherdog is a comprehensive solution to both threats. On the one hand, it ensures message encryption (hiding its content from unauthorized users); on the other, it allows the recipient to confirm the sender's identity.

Friendly user interface

Cypherdog software focuses on simplicity and ease of use. During installation, the program will ask for the password to your private key and will allow you to make a copy of it (use a USB drive or print a copy of the key on a piece of paper). After the installation is complete, you can encrypt messages and send them via your e-mail immediately.

What will you achieve using Cypherdog?


Product description

Cypherdog works as a desktop application on all modern operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can install the application in one of the three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) or as an additional module on the platforms, such as Outlook and Thunderbird.


Two modules of the solution
Cypherdog E-mail Encryption Plugin

a plug installed in a browser
or e-mail native client

Cypherdog E-mail Encryption Application

an application installed in the operating system, available from the sidebar

The "Plugin" module is responsible for interaction with the user, ordering the encryption and decryption of messages. In contrast, Cypherdog E-mail Encryption Application module supervises access to your private key and physically performs the cryptographic operations.

Only processes authorized in Cypherdog E-mail Encryption Application module can use your private key. It means that the browser and other approved methods will never possess your private key and only be able to use it to encrypt and decrypt messages. Such an architecture of our solution ensures complete separation of a customer's e-mail from your private key.

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The system architecture

Cypherdog uses proven cryptographic algorithms, such as the 3072-bit RSA key or the SHA512 hash function. In addition, the system architecture is ready for the challenges of the future. For example, it considers the inclusion of external suppliers in the user identity verification process, its use in blockchain systems or the introduction of hardware wallet solutions.


(after trial period)
Single User
& Trial 14 days
Encryption of content in emails-
Encryption of attachments in emails-
Decryption of content and attachment of emails & attachments
Admin panel for user management--
Backup of private key to file (file on USB device/QR code)-
Backup of private key on company servers--
One license for single user-
One license for multiple users--
Advanced support & training-
Webclient pluginavailable (O365, Google Suite and others)
BrowsersMicrosoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox (in progress), Google Chrome
Standalone client plugin Microsoft Oultook, Mozilla Thunderbird (in progress)
Operating systemsWindows, Linux, Mac OS


Pricing plans

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Are you not sure which product is right for you?

Make an appointment with our Sales Team members

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