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E-mail Encryption (CEE) using one of our
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In reply email, you will get a license code, then

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• After we receive an email from you and verify it, we'll send 2,400 vCDOG tokens to your wallet

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What do you get

Total security for your e-mails
A simple-to-use application
Peace of mind
And tokens with which you can do whatever you want!


The most common cyberattacks


Economic espionage
Invoice hacking
Data leaks

Research shows that each year the number of cyberattacks is increasing exponentially, making your e-mail messages vulnerable and compromised.

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How can we help


Cypherdog E-mail Encryption

Cypherdog E-mail Encryption makes it easy for senders and the intended recipients to encrypt any part of the e-mail content or attachment so that only people you trust can see your valuable information.

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CDOG Token

CDOG Token, developed using the Polygon network to maximize efficiency and utility, sets the global trend where cryptocurrencies are a new way for paying for services throughout the entire globe.

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1What should I do with the license code?
You can download the application, install, and register. The app is working for 14 days with all features. During this period or after it, you should enter your license code in the Account window. It allows you to use the app for one year.
2Why should I have a crypto wallet?
You can store your own tokens in the crypto wallet. Each crypto wallet has its own address that you should enter in order to receive tokens from Cypherdog.
3What can I do with CDOG tokens?
Tokens are a form of investment. You can keep or sell them, e.g. on the Bitmart exchange or to another person.