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9 February 2023

The Impact of Encryption on the Finance Industry and Its Customers

Data privacy and security are the top priority for financial institutions, as well as their customers. As a result, encryption technology has become increasingly important in […]
3 February 2023

Brute Force 101: What it is and How to Stop it from Happening to You

Brute force attacks are a type of cyber-attack that has been around for many years and can be incredibly dangerous to any online user. It involves […]
5 May 2022

Is there an enemy behind software?

Is there an enemy behind software? War and software The outbreak of the war on February 24, 2022, between Russia and Ukraine meant that everyone using […]
19 April 2022

Cybersecurity in times of war

Cybersecurity in times of war Can we feel safe? From the start of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, the number of ransomware attacks has increased fivefold […]
19 March 2022

Pen tests. Conduct, automate or not worry?

Pen tests. Conduct, automate or not worry? he statement that prevention is better than cure also applies to the health of your company’s IT infrastructure and […]
12 March 2022

What is DDoS attack?

What is DDoS attack? Tragic consequences and prevention of DDoS attack explained Due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the news about DDoS attacks was […]
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